You’re thinking about your future, and so are we.

Our home plans let you save energy, breathe healthy air, and lower your costs.

It’s invisible, smart design that’s healthy for you, your family and your investment. There’s something elegant about that, isn’t there?

We design healthy, livable homes

1. If these walls could talk.

True energy efficiency starts between the walls. Beyond sustainable materials, our efficient design creates a stronger building envelope that can withstand the cycles of our northern climate. It keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and you don’t see any of it.

2. Resilient Construction Materials and Systems

With a background in structural engineering, we always keep a strategic eye on the materials that are being used. This allows us to optimize the materials, create less waste, and bring more savings to you.

Also, we design our homes to meet high construction standards that keep living conditions high while relying on very few mechanical systems. This means your home can remain livable even during power or fuel outages.

Smart, Long-Term Value.

We know that our clients work hard, are innovative, and make the best use of their money to build long-term value. The upfront costs of smart and efficient home design allow you to extend the life-cycle of your home, and decrease energy costs.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. Canadians are beginning to reap the long-term financial benefits of sustainable living. In a northern climate, where temperatures can rise and fall 60 degrees throughout a year, we are learning that smart building envelope design can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home.

We help you build long-term value into the structure of your home.

Eco-friendly Design

Not only does efficiency help lower energy bills, but it is part of building a sustainable community. What’s good for your wallet also makes a positive impact on people and the planet.