We design beautiful, efficient homes.

Our passion is to provide you with a home design that you and your family will love and feel good about. Building a home or doing a renovation, can be an overwhelming process. At Ergo Design, we strive for the simplicity in elegant home design, and help guide you there.

We hold closely two values when we approach any project:
1. Bringing your dream to life.
2. Smart and efficient design.

Like we said, simplicity is key. You have a lot of decisions to make in this process, and we have the experience and expertise to smooth out the journey. You have the dream; let us help you create it.


Principal – Lukas Woch
With over a decade of experience, Lukas brings a technical expertise in engineering and a lifelong passion for architecture to each of his designs.

Having grown up in several cities throughout Europe, he developed a passion for stunning and functional architecture from a young age. As a youth, he worked beside his father, a contractor, on various construction projects– mostly to keep him out of trouble (and it worked–usually). He started his career in the Civil Engineering program at NAIT, where he developed a strong foundation in design and materials fundamentals. He followed this certification with the Architecture Technologist program and has been working in the field ever since.
Lukas has built his career working with various architecture, engineering, design and building firms around western Canada. With a strong technical skillset, an eye for beauty and commitment to efficient design, he is highly-regarded in his field.

When he’s not working on building designs, you can usually find him in the Edmonton river valley on a bike trail or making his famous borscht.